Gen Rubin

Grammy-Winning Songwriter & Producer

Kaia Rubin (age 10): 2016 musical theater & artwork

Kaia Rubin as Glinda from Wicked (excerpt)

Still Life (Acrylic)

Self Portrait (Pencil, Pen, Color Pencil)

Woman (Pencil)

Calypso (Pencil, Pen, Color Pencil)

Reflections Art Entry (Pencil, Watercolor, Marker)

Dancing in the Water with My Family
I chose to draw this because it was such a joyful moment in my life. I went to Seattle's Folklife Festival last summer and played in the fountain with my sister and cousin. I added glitter because it was like the water was dancing around me! The previous July, my family and I moved from New Jersey to Washington. I was sad to leave, but all of these happy moments in Seattle made me happy to be here! I love Seattle, and I know I will have a good future here! This is the next chapter in my story.